How to conduct great collective research?

BIBS has sponsored a research project led by Martin Beaulieu and Claudia Rebolledo from HEC Montréal. This paper delves into the competencies crucial for successful collaborative research in Supply Chain Management and has just been published in a top journal: the International Journal of Logistic Management!
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Why use social media for knowledge transfer across the supply chain?

Associate Researcher at BIBS in cooperation with professors from Kedge Business School in France published an article in Supply Chain Forum: An International Journal. The paper looks at how social media can be used for informal knowledge sharing in the supply chain, notably in a cultural context where informalization is preferred, such as China.
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What knowledge to teach entrepreneurship?

BSSI associate researcher has published a paper entitled "Entrepreneurship training: the relevant types of knowledge for the development of Entrepreneurial Intention" in the journal "Formation emploi".
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How to facilitate the adoption of teleworking platforms?

Recent publication at BIBS Raphael in the Journal of Business Research entitled: ‘The adoption of remote work platforms after the Covid-19 lockdown: New approach, new evidence’.
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How to create a disposition toward sustainability in the supply chain?

Associate researcher at BIBS has published an article in the Special Issue on Practicing Sustainability in Operations & Supply Chain Management of the Supply Chain Forum: an international journal. The paper is entitled: 'Dispositions and conditioning towards sustainability in the supply chain: a habitus perspective in the field of shipping'.
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