Global BBA

Global BBA admis​sions

We offer two intakes in the school year, one in Fall and one in Spring.

The admissions procedure includes:
  • Academic transcripts
  • CV and cover letter
  • Reference lette​rs.
  • English language test
  • Admission interview
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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect during the admission interview?

The motivation interview takes place at the school’s campuses in Czech Republic on online, depending on where the applicant lives.
The purpose of this interview is to verify the adequacy and coherence of the applicant’s academic and professional project. It also allows us to evaluate the applicant’s personality traits.

Can I enroll directly in the third year?

Yes, students with two years of higher education records in business and management may request admission into the third year. Students with three years of professional experience in management and prior education in other disciplines may enroll if validated during the individual interview.

Graduation requirements

– successfully complete all compulsory courses
– submit a dissertation (at least 20 000 words) and successfully pass the viva-voce defense before the thesis defense committee.

BIBS's Global BBA

The Global BBA is a 3-year Bachelor program in management, designed to bring under-graduate students to their full potential. Based on experimentation and on an openness to the business scene, BIBS’s pedagogical approach seeks to teach students the fundamental knowledge while developing skills and competence aligned with their career prospects. Our goal is to deliver an innovative program that helps students develop themselves academically and in companies.

The Global BBA offers courses in the fundamental disciplines of business and management, as well as courses focused on pressing issues: sustainability, social responsibility, environmental change, ethics, and social entrepreneurship. Theoretical and applied modules provide students with the necessary tools and knowledge to become inspiring, intercultural, and responsible changemakers.


Companies want to position themselves in responsible value chains and entrepreneurial ecosystems geared by principles of circular economy and regenerative economics.

Human orientation

The wellbeing of workers is a core resource which implies social inclusion and the adoption of technologies that seeks to complement human capabilities rather than serve as  substitute.


Learn how to implement multiple levers of resilience within the organization. Decentralization and relocalization of production bring more supply chain resilience together with many entrepreneurial opportunities.

BIBS global BBA is the right program for you. You will develop an international profile and multicultural competences. You will benefit from a student-centred approach to learning so as to boost your career development. You will get education that combines competences with know-how since the program includes a compulsory six-months internship for students to gain professional experience under the guidance of a tutor. You will get access to expert professors and to an alumni network of 10 000 executives around the world which will enhance your professional opportunities.

Victor LinGlobal BBA program coordinator

Study Programme

Year 1

Principles of Marketing
Introduction to Organisations
Quantitative Methods
International Business Issues
Study Skills

Year 2

International Economics
Intercultural Management
Accounting Principles
Consumer Behaviour
Research Methods

Year 3

International Management
International Supply Chain Management
Marketing Strategy and Communication
Financial Management
International Marketing
Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility
Global Economic Issues


Our faculty members are either PhD holders involved in academic research in their field of expertise, or professor with relevant postgraduate degree who benefit from a rich and successful professional experience and are involved in corporate consultancy. With such a mixed professorial corps, we ensure that the teaching team is up to date with the current issues and good practices of their professional field and the most recent scholarship concepts and theories. Our Global BBA teaching faculty is multinational and diverse so that develop unique and innovative pedagogical methods.


Our programs focus on the development of the ability to apply critically theories and concepts to practical situations while comprehending these management tools from the wider context of our Global BBA programs. Consequently, a typical cohort accounts for 20-30 students from diverse backgrounds, which ensure an enriching experience sharing platform that allows for mutual learning and team working.

Powerful Alumni

The main purpose of our Global BBA programs is to help our students enhance their strategic thinking and innovation skills and prepare for leadership in their own personal context. Our academic and administrative teams support our BBA students’ successful learning and networking experience continue after their graduation as they become active member of BIBS International Alumni Association. After successful completion of the BBA program, our alumni are welcome to join the transformational process of our MBA program.

Zhang Qingrui

"Through my study at BIBS, I have expanded my international vision, enhanced my professional knowledge, and improved my leadership skills."

Matěj Mikšík

"BIBS was for me a great possibility to meet more people interested in new ways of managing organisation and doing business development."

Silvia Kuzma

"I started to study at BIBS in my late twenties aiming to get a promotion in the back office department of a well-established bank in Slovakia. I found the flexibility and variety of subjects taught at BIBS very appealing."