Mission and values

Our vision

The vision of BIBS School of Management is to become a powerful force for societal, environmental, and social renovation.

We seek to contribute to making the world more sustainable by helping business become a catalyst for system-level change by producing goods and services that support regeneration and a wiser use of human and natural resources.

Our mission

Today, we acknowledge that common business practices have damaged the environment and created drastic income inequality between the poorest and the most financially successful.

BIBS School of management seeks to depart from destructive and unstainable pedagogy to a new form of business education toward a regenerating world.

Our values

BIBS School of Management’s objective is to train a new generation of managers and leaders aware of today’s multifaceted sustainability challenges and committed to have a positive social and environmental impact while business thrive and grow.

The faculty, administrators and students of BIBS School of Management, in support of its vision and mission statement, embraces three main values that drive us to reaching our objectives: regeneration, transformation, and innovation.


We make sustainable business models with a regenerative impact for communities of people and for our planet.


Unsatisfied with status quo, we seek to transform society and business toward more social and environmental sustainability.


We find new ways to thrive and reach performance while making best use of natural and human resources.