Programs philosophy

In the face of pressing sustainability issues, organizations need professionals who believe in continuously updating their skills and knowledge in order to help them tackle complex social and environmental challenges. BIBS programs provide a holistic experience encompassing the hard and soft skills required to bring sustainability into practice and genuinely engage in social responsibility transformation.


Specialized master

Executive programs

Doctoral program

BIBS School of Management is committed to prepare young professionals to take on responsibilities and be open-minded while acquiring the knowledge and skills necessary to make business performance sustainable.

Whether specialized master, executive master or doctoral degree program, BIBS programs urge students to become value-driven professionals with a positively impact on the world in which they live.

  • Corporate Social Responsability professionals: achieve corporate social responsibility goals within your organization.
  • Consultants: help your clients identify strategic opportunities and articulate their sustainability strategy
  • Leaders: adopt a values-driven approach to ally regeneration and financial success
  • Entrepreneurs: take advantage of industry disruptions and business uncertainties to create smart new business models.