Announcing the Launch of Management Research Quarterly

A New Platform for Advancing Management Theory and Practice

The BIBS School of Management is excited to announce the launch of our new open-access journal, Management Research Quarterly (MRQ). This milestone marks a significant step in our commitment to fostering innovation, transformation, and regeneration in business education and practices.

Management Research Quarterly is dedicated to publishing high-quality empirical research that not only advances management theory but also enriches management practice. We welcome a diverse array of empirical methods, including qualitative, quantitative, field studies, and mixed methods. Our focus is on research that makes substantial empirical and theoretical contributions while demonstrating clear relevance to real-world management challenges.

Mission: At MRQ, we aim to:


Advance Management Practices

By publishing research that addresses meaningful problems faced by organizational actors and provides actionable recommendations.


Promote Engaged Scholarship

By supporting research conducted by or with practitioner-scholars, ensuring it is firmly rooted in the lived experiences and concerns of managers.


Encourage Methodological Rigor

By valuing rigorous, analytically sound, and intersubjectively testable research across various methodological approaches.


BIBS School of Management envisions MRQ as a powerful force for societal, environmental, and social renovation. We strive to contribute to making the world more sustainable by helping businesses become catalysts for system-level change, supporting regeneration, and the wiser use of human and natural resources.

Join Us in Our Mission

We invite scholars, practitioners, and students to contribute to MRQ and join us in our mission to create a more sustainable, equitable, and effective management landscape. Explore our latest research and learn how you can submit your work to MRQ by visiting our website.

Together, let’s drive meaningful change in management practices and contribute to a regenerating world.

Key Features of MRQ

  • Empirical Rigor and Theoretical Contributions: MRQ values original insights, compelling narratives, and bold theoretical propositions grounded in robust theoretical frameworks.
  • Global Perspective and Diversity: We welcome contributions from scholars worldwide, fostering diversity, multilateralism, and comparative analysis.
  • Open Access: MRQ is an open-access journal that does not charge article processing fees or submission fees, ensuring knowledge is accessible to all.
  • Archival Preservation: Our digital content is securely stored and preserved, ensuring long-term access and safeguarding scholarly contributions for future generations.