Msc in Management for sustainability

Master of science

This program is designed for those seeking to get the knowledge and develop the competences  needed to make society and organizations more sustainable. Students interact with experts and entrepreneurs who disrupt and transform the way we understand sustainability and inclusive business models.

This program is designed for future entrepreneurs, or intrapreneurs seeking to change their organizations from within, or consultants developing impactful services.

Our Philosophy

This program introduces Green, Social & Digital Management to professionals seeking to integrate environmental and societal dimensions into their business life.


The training provides a multidisciplinary approach of ecology, sustainable development, the environment, renewable energies, the Social and Solidarity Economy, and digital transformation.

Key Of Success

Strong in a double competence in Corporate Responsability and Sustainable Development, graduates are Committed and Responsible Executives with an expertise in pressing environment, health and safety issues.

Pedagogical objectives


Strategic development and implementation

Organizational transition in terms of managerial, communication, sales and marketing practices


Corporate social responsability

Integrative approach including the support functions for a better leadership toward a successful transition and more ethical practices.


Track and report

Select relevant standards, labels and certifications and apply them within organizations



Construct and analyze the efficiency of your sustainability measures with sound performance indicators.