Dedicated professors

BIBS School of Management’s faculty development policy ensure that the professorial corps is continuously evolving and growing in order to ensure that the teaching quality sticks to international standards.

Our professorial team is trans disciplinary and multinational and is involved in high impact management research. The team meets annually in a collegial way to ensure that the program quality and delivery occurs according to the school’s quality assurance policy.


BIBS seeks to attract a diverse faculty that is highly-qualified in teaching and research.


Faculty ensure the relevance of the curriculum and maintain a top learning environment that supports the learning goals


Advising and mentoring students for career growth and for developing into purpose-driven executives.


BIBS professors are fully dedicated in generating value by serving the academic and business communities through cutting-edge research and consulting services. They seek to inspire students, colleagues and the wider society to transform toward more sustainability and regenarativity. 

Research oriented

BIBS faculty collectively engage in transdisciplinary research activities and participate actively to the wider academic community. Their intellectual contributions to both theory and practice are recognized in the various disciplines of business and administration.