How to create a disposition toward sustainability in the supply chain?

Latest publication at the Business and Sustainability Science Institute

Associate researcher at BIBS Raphael Lissillour has published an article in the Special Issue on Practicing Sustainability in Operations & Supply Chain Management of the Supply Chain Forum: an international journal. The paper is entitled: ‘Dispositions and conditioning towards sustainability in the supply chain: a habitus perspective in the field of shipping’.


  • What tools can be used to predispose people to sustainable practices?
  • How to understand our conditioning toward green measures?
  • How to make sustainable change last?
  • How to use the lessons learned in other fields of business life to make sustainability work?

Methods and Theory

This article is based on French sociologist Bourdieu’s theory of practice and more precisely the concept of habitus. A multiple case study in the field of shipping including over 20 interviews and the analysis of many documents are at the center of this work.

Take away

Boundary objects are key to reproduce and replace a predisposition from one field to another. Akin to industrial regulation compliance certificate, they can be used to the development of long-lasting sustainable practices.

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