How to conduct great collective research?

Latest publication at BIBS

BIBS has sponsored a research project led by Martin Beaulieu and Claudia Rebolledo from HEC Montréal. This paper delves into the competencies crucial for successful collaborative research in Supply Chain Management and has just been published in a top journal: the International Journal of  Logistic Management!

Take away

In a comprehensive study involving participant observation of six collaborative research cases in public procurement and logistics, we’ve uncovered two broad competencies that make the difference:

  • Boundary-Spanning Competence. This is the researchers' ability to seamlessly navigate between the academic and the practical worlds. It's about generating value for both worlds by bridging the gap between theory and real-world applications.
  • Reflexivity Competence. This allows researchers to continuously learn and grow from each collaborative project by critically reassessing our methodological and epistemological assumptions.


This study takes collaborative research to the next level by focusing on these competencies, thus going beyond the dozens of skills typically mentioned in the literature. Promoting collaborative research is meaningful since our field needs more engaged and multidisciplinary research to tackle the challenge of sustainability in SCM.


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