Academic departments

Pedagogic governance

The faculty includes professors and experts from industry. This diversity ensures the consistency of the curriculum aligned with the actual needs of the market and with the latest advances in academic research. Faculty members belong to one of the six academic departments and ensure the educational quality of our programs. 

The school has four academic departments which are divisions devoted to a particular academic discipline which represents an area of research and scholarship coherent with the programs and BIBS mission. Each academic department is an administrative structure chaired by a member of the department who reports to the academic committee. The chair is either elected by the department members or appointed by the academic dean.

Accounting and Management Control

Management Accounting helps us better understand organizational structures and how companies make themselves accountable to shareholders, stakeholders and the wider society. Researchers from this department are interested in understanding managerial decisions and how performance management and measurement systems together with management control systems are implemented in companies. The department coordinates the delivery of courses about diverse topics such as international accounting, organizational learning, earnings management, organizational identities, governance, auditing, sense-making, bankruptcy prediction, goodwill and gender issues.

Tony Brooking

Department Chair

Information Systems and Operations Management

Information Systems and Operations Management are central elements of how companies and work practices are organized and coordinated. This department is dedicated to the delivery of a variety of courses including supply chain, logistics, purchasing, platforms, and procurement. The faculty is interested in research on green logistics, sustainable supply chain, online communities, information technology, innovation and new product development. These courses are delivered in all programs offered by BIBS including the MSc, MBA, EMBA and DBA.

Shi Nan

Department Chair

Management & Human Resources

Management and Human Resources is about the application of organizational theory and organizational behavior to the pressing issues faced by corporations today. The faculty organizes the delivery of courses such as leadership, human resources, organizational design, social responsibility, cross-cultural management, organizational change and international negotiations. The researches of this department are particularly interested in topics such as philanthropy,  social action, managerial cognition, and ethics.

Marcin Koszolko

Department Chair

Marketing and Strategy

Marketing is key to better understand the most basic issues in business such as pricing, digital marketing and the management of a sales force. This department is dedicated to the delivery of lectures about consumer behavior, sales, and marketing channels. The faculty is interested in research work concerning neuromarketing, and social media marketing. The marketing and strategy department is home to professors from diverse disciplines including sociology, organization theory, business and administration, applied and experimental decision science.

Victor Lin

Department Chair