Research community

More than a research center

BIBS doctoral students are established as a central part of an extended interdisciplinary and inter-institutional research community. In this encouraging environment, BIBS research fellows have the possibility to interact with diverse actors and exchange ideas and contacts. They are urged to publish research results early and to work in collaboration with other researchers on joint publications.

BIBS research community is unique networking platform to meet new colleagues and to promote one’s research, notably by the participation to conferences and workshops in Czech Republic and Abroad, organized by BIBS or by partner universities. 


BIBS invest substantially in academic research every year, which has a very positive impact on its image as a free and independent producer of academic research in business and management.

DBA ecosystem

a modern platform to produce research with high-impact: a global interconnected network of professors and academics from governmental agencies, industries, academia and international consulting agencies.


The community gathers professors from various universities and countries, the DBA students, the industry, and the consulting agencies.

Research Axis

BIBS research community develops its research projects at the crossroad of the current international research trends with emerging phenomenon that impacts the global economy. Topics that captivates the international scholarship such as reflexivity, boundary spanners, impact, practice, organizational development, hyper-competition, and ambidexterity are promoted in our research topics.

High relevance

The community’s research topics were not decided from a top to bottom approach, but rather emerged naturally from the research issues of our partner companies. Since the research issues come from practical problems encountered by the industry, our research is practice-based and relevant in the real world. This bottom up approach allow us to produce research around topics that are very pressing today, and that is of great interest in the academia, thus ensuring a high impact, both in the industry and in the classrooms.


Conferences and the organization of colloquium are part of the services offered to BIBS research community and all BIBS curent or future students. For the research community, it is a unique networking platform, either industry or function specific. Our researchers can receive advice from experts, expose their research topics and methodology, and get scholarly feedback. They can also meet companies, thus expending their research terrain. For MBA, EMBA and DBA students, it is a great opportunity to share experience and to network. The Colloquium are also a great platform for all students to meet each other and learn more about our master and doctoral programs, and specific management issues.