The doctoral programs

The doctoral program portfolio

The professional doctoral programs are for high-level executives seeking a program with the same level of scientific requirement as the PhD. The programs involve a high-level faculty, which members are all Ph. D. holders with numerous publications. However, by focusing on emerging issues and applied research methods, it aims to reach a higher level of relevance.

They stand as a practice-oriented doctoral degree that combines the latest developments of management concepts that may have been introduced previously during your master programs with PhD-standard research method and an applied and interactive research design approach. In order to leverage the professional experience of the participant, in addition to the traditional qualitative and quantitative methods, BIBS promotes the writing of case study and any other ground-breaking research method.


The purpose of the doctoral programs is to fill the usual gap between academy and practice that cannot be bridged by traditional PhD programs.


BIBS professional doctoral programs are adapted to busy executives, both on the schedule side and on the content side.

Key Of Success

Our doctoral candidates can rely on an international research community to empower their research.

Career transformation

BIBS doctoral programs are an opportunity for executives to strengthen their current employment position, support a career change project or leverage promotion to higher executive responsibilities.

Applied research

The programs mainly consist of conducting independent research on a chosen topic and the writing of a dissertation. The research mastered in the program would then be applied to making a direct contribution to organizational practices. Throughout the duration of the program, students will undertake independent study of a chosen topic and work closely with a supervisor who will offer them guidance and support.

Doctoral process

Once their study is complete and students have written a dissertation presenting their results, they will have to defend their dissertation through a viva voce (oral) examination in front of a grand jury. Doctoral candidates must complete the courses, seminars and workshops during the first two semesters of their studies.

The doctoral programs are designed for executives working in all industries who wish to conduct a research project and write thesis on an emerging topic of interest. The programs provide to participants a synthesis of the latest advances in research. Participants will be invited to reflect on their practice, to solve problems, to compare different methods and suggest practical ways to implement innovative approaches in corporations. 

There is no requirement to hold a degree in the same issue area, however, professional experience in the research area is required. Participants who do not hold a master degree and 2 years of experience or a bachelor degree and 4 years of experience will be invited to learn the basics of management through a master program that will be organized in parallel.




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