What knowledge to teach entrepreneurship?

Latest publication at BIBS

Together with Professor Rodriguez Escobar from the European University Miguel de Cervantes and Professor Scotto from IPAG Business School in France, associate researcher Raphael Lissillour has published a paper entitled “Entrepreneurship training: the relevant types of knowledge for the development of Entrepreneurial Intention” in the journal “Formation emploi”.

  • What variables influence individual behaviors and their entrepreneurial objectives?
  • What type of Knowledge directly influence students' Entrepreneurial Intention?
  • What factors help students develop a better capacity to identify business opportunities?
  • How to create better programs for future entrepreneurs?

Methods and Theory

This research paper is based on a survey with 235 questionnaires targeting Students from a European University. Structured Equation Modeling (SEM) has been used to examine the relationships among the variables.

Take away

The findings indicate and measure the importance of Tacit Knowledge (from networking, coaching with entrepreneurs, hands-on experience) which directly influence the Entrepreneurial Intention. Students’ capacity to better identify business opportunities coupled with Explicit Knowledge (coursework) increase student’s intention to undertake.

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