Toward a practice turn in supply chain sustainability research?

Latest publication at BIBS

Together with Minelle Silva, associate professor in Supply Chain Management at the Asper School of Business, University of Manitoba, professor Lissillour (Associate researcher at BIBS) published an academic paper that discusses about the possibility of a practice turn to study sustainability in supply chains through different theoretical perspectives: Practice-based view, Practice-based studies and Critical practice theory.

Take away

  • Sustainability research is not limited to the materiality of environmental and social issues, but should include immaterial, emotional and intangible elements to better comprehend SCS practice.
  • The practice turn in SCS research includes studies based on practice-based view, practice-based studies and critical practice theory.
  • The authors suggest a research agenda on how to use practice theories to move away from an extremely economic focus to genuinely embrace sustainability practice.


This paper articulates prior studies based on practice theories to reveal an emerging practice turn in sustainability research. In doing so, the authors contribute by suggesting venues for future research in supply chain management that will be provide alternative perspective and be more grounded in practice.

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