Business and Sustainability Science Institute

About us

The Business and Sustainability Science Institute (BSSI) is an international research centre working mainly in the areas of management, sustainable change, supply chain and other business issues. Collaborative research is in the DNA of BSSI which is run in partnership with several partner universities.

BASSI aims to create and spread conceptual knowledge and practice-oriented tools in the fields of social responsibility, sustainability for executives, organizations, scholars and students. Our mission is to conduct high quality research on business and sustainable issues to inform and influence policy, practice and theory. Associated with this mission are the following aims:

Research strategy

To conduct long-term research to help shape the developments of sustainable systems, while also responding to more immediate research needs.


To develop and employ rigorous research methods and a multidisciplinary mindset.


To examine the performance and functioning of sustainability initiatives, with a particular emphasis on promoting efficiency and equity.


To conduct research that meets the best standards of research governance;


To facilitate knowledge exchange via a wide range of activities, and disseminate research findings to a broad audiences.


To establish and sustain a vibrant and international research ecosystem.


We carry out policy analysis, research and consultancy globally. Our research spans the whole field of business and administration. We apply rigorous methods drawn from a range of disciplines, with business and management issues and methodologies quite prominent.

BASSI focusses on 3 specific areas of research which correspond to the expertise and research positioning of our researchers, as well as being intrinsically linked to BIBS’s mission. Each area of research includes academic research, applied research and pedagogical research.


Research policy is determined in close collaboration with the members of the Research Advisory Board, which is composed of national and international figures from the world of research.

The Research Advisory Board examines and evaluates the research strategy as well as how research is to be structured. It advises on the future development of research activities, the securing of international cooperation and the strengthening of links with industry. It ensures the coherence of research policy and, with this in mind, advises on the broad guidelines and principles for assessing the quality of research and the researchers themselves.


Bringing together a core team of researchers and academics, BSSI promotes and draws upon the multidisciplinary expertise of a large number of researchers, and doctoral students from diverse disciplinary background, research experience and/or location.