MBA 5.0

BIBS's MBA 5.0

BIBS School of Management relies on a 20-years’ experience of running successful MBA programs which prepare our students according to the current needs of the employers. MBA 5.0 matches with the school’s strategy to stay close to the industry and respond to the educational needs of high-level executives, thus contributing to the quality of management and a better understanding of a changing and challenging environment.

Our philosophy is to keep improving the program according to the highest international standards, the requirements of the market, and the continued feedback from our students. MBA 5.0 promotes business and management practices that go beyond efficiency and productivity, and bring companies at a higher level with a new the role and the contribution to society. Three main values are at the core of MBA 5.0: sustainability, human orientation, and resilience.


Companies want to position themselves in responsible value chains and entrepreneurial ecosystems geared by principles of circular economy and regenerative economics.

Human orientation

The wellbeing of workers is a core resource which implies social inclusion and the adoption of technologies that seeks to complement human capabilities rather than serve as  substitute.


Learn how to implement multiple levers of resilience within the organization. Decentralization and relocalization of production bring more supply chain resilience together with many entrepreneurial opportunities.


Our faculty members are either PhD holders involved in academic research in their field of expertise, or professor with relevant postgraduate degree who benefit from a rich and successful professional experience and are involved in corporate consultancy. With such a mixed professorial corps, we ensure that the teaching team is up to date with the current issues and good practices of their professional field and the most recent scholarship concepts and theories. Our MBA teaching faculty is multinational and diverse so that develop unique and innovative pedagogical methods.


Our programs focus on the development of the ability to apply critically theories and concepts to practical situations while comprehending these management tools from the wider context of our MBA programs. Consequently, a typical cohort accounts for 20-30 students from diverse backgrounds, which ensure an enriching experience sharing platform that allows for mutual learning and team working.

Powerful Alumni

The main purpose of our MBA programs is to help our students enhance their strategic thinking and innovation skills and prepare for leadership in their own personal context. Our academic and administrative teams support our MBA students’ successful learning and networking experience continue after their graduation as they become active member of BIBS International Alumni Association. After successful completion of the MBA program, our alumni are welcome to join the transformational process of our DBA program.