Notable alumni

BIBS alumni: a community

BIBS alumni network is composed of over 10,000 graduates. Our former students are ambassadors for sustainable values and innovative business thinking. Our current students are in the footsteps of BIBS most prestigious alumni who lead the way in various fields such as marketing,

information technology, finance, consulting, audit, human resources, sales management and entrepreneurship. We are proud of the accomplishments of our alumni who contribute to the international reputation and prestige of BIBS.

Notable alumni

Director Of Group Sales at OTIS a.s.

Dusan Ondirko

CEO at JPServis, a.s.

Marek Cagášek

CEO at RM Gastro Poland

Matěj Mikšík

Honorary consul of Georgia in Czech Republic

Ondřej Svoboda

Vice-Chairman at Preciosa Lighting

Jan Volšík

Chairman of the Board at Libensky Family Office a.s.

Martin Libenský