Current theories in Organisational learning research

Title: Exploring the Frontiers of Organizational Learning

Description: This course serves as your guide to the cutting-edge theories and research shaping the field of organizational learning. Dive into the latest trends and gain a deep understanding of how organizations adapt, grow, and thrive in today’s dynamic landscape.

Key Highlights:

  • Foundations of Organizational Learning: Delve into the foundational theories that underpin organizational learning, such as the learning organization concept, double-loop learning, and knowledge management.
  • Contemporary Frameworks: Explore modern frameworks and models, including organizational ambidexterity, dynamic capabilities, and sensemaking, that capture the complexities of learning within organizations.
  • Behavioral and Cognitive Aspects: Investigate the behavioral and cognitive dimensions of organizational learning, including individual and group learning processes, decision-making, and knowledge creation.
  • Learning from Failure: Understand the role of failure as a catalyst for organizational learning, including the concepts of resilience, adaptation, and innovation in the face of setbacks.
  • Organizational Culture and Learning: Analyze how organizational culture, leadership, and communication shape learning practices and contribute to a culture of continuous improvement.
  • Technological Advancements: Explore the impact of technology on organizational learning, including e-learning platforms, artificial intelligence, and data analytics for learning analytics.
  • Organizational Change and Learning: Examine how organizations learn and adapt during times of change, mergers, acquisitions, and strategic transformations.
  • Global and Cross-Cultural Perspectives: Consider the challenges and opportunities of organizational learning in a global context, recognizing the role of culture and diversity.

Course Objectives:

By the end of this course, you will:

  • Have an in-depth understanding of the latest theories and models in organizational learning research.
  • Be able to critically evaluate and apply contemporary organizational learning concepts to real-world organizational challenges.
  • Be prepared to contribute to the advancement of organizational learning practices within your organization or field of expertise.

Assessment: Assessment in this course includes participation in discussions, research assignments, group projects, and a final research paper that explores a current topic or challenge in organizational learning.

Prerequisites: While there are no formal prerequisites for this course, a background in organizational studies, management, or a related field is beneficial.