A strategic partnership with the European University Miguel de Cervantes

A common vision

BIBS and the European University Miguel de Cervantes (UEMC) signed an agreement for the launch of a new international Executive MBA and DBA program in Czech Republic. Thanks to these programs, BIBS and the UEMC offer local managers

  • a top-notch learning journey with intensive international learning experiences
  • immersive practical applications of best management business-practices
  • an access to prolific professors able to help them becoming practitioner-researchers
  • a international networking platform that gathers executives from Asia and Europe


This strategic partnership enables BIBS to strengthen its ties with the Spanish academic and business scene. BIBS and the UEMC share common values and both seek to have a positive impact on society, the environment, and on the industry. Thanks to their  aligned missions and core values, both institutions are eager to develop joint degree programs together with their respective research capabilities.

More about UEMC

UEMC was founded in 2002 and currently trains more than 1,500 students on its Valladolid campus. 250 Professors and Researchers and Administrative staff deliver 17 bachelor degrees, 6 Double Degrees, 7 International Degrees and 11 Masters degree programs. The UEMC has also a doctoral school with the Doctorate in Physical Activity and Health with a focus on Special Populations.