BIBS is member of the Franco-Czech Chamber of Commerce


As a member of the Chamber, BIBS will benefit from a solid platform to interact with the French community in Prague which include more than 300 international companies.

  • The transmission of knowledge and skills.
  • implement a creative, efficient and sustainable strategy.
  • our expertise, support and network access, and community.

Guidance and Advice

The chamber and BIBS both defend the interests of the private sector by encouraging business start-ups, informing entrepreneurs and, above all, by creating a link between  the businesses and the academia. As a member to the Chamber, BIBS can help its students to establish cooperative links with other members and contribute to opening the French market.

Strategic synergies

The objective of BIBS is to strengthen networks, to energize the links between our companies and creative people of all kinds, and ultimately to create the conditions for socio-economic innovation where creativity and community are combined for the benefit of all. As a business school, BIBS, like the chamber of commerce, is positioned as a facilitators of economic and cultural projects, networking platforms, research and innovation laboratories at the service of the creative economy.