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Brno International Summer School

Understanding Europe 2017”

BIBS Summer School – Reviving the International Trade Fair in Brno

The city of Brno, Czech republic, was (and still is) a home of International Trade Fairs, which, after the WW II, represented an important business gate through the closed political “Iron Courtain“, dividing the Western and Eastern Europe.  The market, as a place reserved for a mutual exchange of goods, is important even today. As always, the merchants from a  distant places merged with the local folks and the ideas, frequently usefull, cross-bred.  Since the dominant role of industry is slowly being taken over by the educational and reseach institutions, our civilization´s  future is more and more dependent upon such free cross-cultural exchange of ideas. Our ability to reach consensus  on some common, long range vision grows out of our ability to listen, to consider and to question some new views. These skills are of strategic importance.  The aim is no longer to get richer in a material way, but to fulfill our human needs of communication, emotional enrichment and enquiry. To support and to obtain this all  is the purpose of our  meeting during the summer school, the open market place of ideas, different cultures, we offer to take a part in.

Dates and venue

Brno International Summer School 2017 takes place at Brno International Business School from 21st of August 2017 to 1st of September 2017.


Brno International Business School is a private enterpreneurial school, which throughout its 18 years long  history served well to almost 4 000 graduates. The school obtained the accreditations by British Nothingham-Trent University and Staffordshire University and co-operates with the Finnish University of Jyväskylä. With its bachelor, master and PhD study levels (offering the Bc., BA, BA (Hons), MSc, LLM, MBA and Ph.D. degrees) it is primarily focused on the strategic management. Besides standart study programs Brno International Business School also offers professional education, lifelong learning and open lectures.  It cooperates with important companies in the region and it is able to create educational programs based on their requirements.

Course plan

The summer school is divided into three sections. Each section is divided into two days of lectures and one day of thematic excursion.

Section 1 – European economic and political integration process

  • Motives of European Integration
  • Economy of European Integration
  • Political Integration of EU
  • Deepness and widening of European Integration
  • Future of European Integration

Section 2 – West management matters

  • Business of SME in the context of EU membership
  • Geographic IT for Decision Support at the European Level
  • Common approaches to business and management
  • China - Europe management
  • Credit management matters around Europe
  • Business in European Financial Markets: managerial view

Section 3 – European human resource management

  • The culture of learning economies  in Europe. Co-operation x competition. The need for a common positive vision, complementary goals, skills to proceed.
  • The industry 4.0 - how will the world  change?
  • The role of knowledge int the future: the art of asking questions.
  • Discussing the topics presented.

Section 4 – Final workshop

There will be possibility of facultative excursions Within these excursions you can also visit places inscribed in the list of UNESCO World Cultural Heritage sites.

  • Prague (Historical downtown on UNESCO list entered in year 1992)
  • Vienna, (Historical downtown on UNESCO list entered in year 2011)
  • Moravian Karst,
  • wine cellar,
  • brewery.

Who can apply?

The summer school is for bachelor, master and doctoral degree students of economics, business, management or nearby fields of study or young professionals at the start of their careers. Lecturing language is English, so B2 proficiency is recommended.

How to apply?

The application is submitted by sending the following requested documents in email address nemeckova@bibs.cz.

  • Application form ( Application Form (36.5 kB, DOCX))
  • Motivation letter in English (maximum 1 page)
  • Your CV in English

The application will be open from 1st of April until 30th of June 2017. Participants are expected to pay the school fee within two weeks after their application is confirmed. All necessary visa documents and materials are sent upon receiving the school fee. Payment details will be sent immediately after the acceptance of the application.


Price is EUR 1750.

The price includes:

  • Course fee
  • Study materials
  • Accommodation in dormitory hotel rooms
  • Lunches and snacks during the courses
  • Additional social activities
  • Excursions with practical workshops in specific companies
  • Diploma


Accommodation is provided in the student dormitory of university in Brno.

Why to apply to our summer school?

The program offers an opportunity to experience the prosperous Moravian region in the Czech republic.  The city of Brno, which you are invited in, is located on a very convenient  intersection  of roads, connecting the Austrian capital of Vienna, Czech capital of Prague, Slovakian capital of Bratislava, with a road, heading to the northeast located Poland.  Since the Czech Republic is rather small,  all of these destinations just very reasonably distant.  Just this convenient business location, together with a rich and varying countryside, helped the city to grow into an center of a rich  enterpreneurial, educational, spiritual and military activities. Brno was a home of J. G. Mendel, the founder of modern genetics Also, there are six universities in the city with about 85 thousands students.  The city, with a rich industrial history, is seeking its new future as a centre of culture, international education, excellent research and advanced electronic industry. Since people of different cultural roots (Czech, German, Jewish) has built this city in the past, it is natural, that young people of different cultures are cordially welcome to discern its future even today!

Contact us

For more information about the summer school, please contact us at nemeckova@bibs.cz