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Basic information about the programme

  • Study in English according to European quality standards
  • Acquire an international MSc degree, which will open doors into foreign companies
  • Be flexible – combine studying with work and other activities


MSc in Business Management

Field of studies: 

Economics and management


Staffordshire University – Faculty of Business, Education and Law, United Kingdom

Awarded degree:

MSc (Master of Science) - British university degree awarded together with a diploma of completion of studies at Staffordshire University

Terms of enrolment: 

At least completed bachelor's level university education

Knowledge of the English language on the level of at least an IELTS 6 examination or its equivalents (FCE, ESOL, TOEFL ITP at least 560 points, etc.)

Teaching language:


Length of studies:  

2 and a half years with the option of individual extension or reduction of length of studies

Teaching locations:


Organisation of study:

Combined form of study with 7 lecturing weekends a year

MSc in Business Management is a British university programme specialising in economics and management. The programme is taught entirely in English for an international team of students. The programme is accredited by the British Staffordshire University, which also awards graduates a British university diploma and the internationally acknowledged MSc degree. As well as these advantages, this English model based course also provides many other benefits that are not usual in Czech academic environment.

The programme is very practically focused – this means that you will truly be able to use what you learn in your current or future job. Studies are based on practical examples, and students will create solutions to real problems on the basis of theoretical knowledge. Lecturers are both academic workers, and experts with many years of managerial experience. After two and a half years of studying you will not only acquire a university degree, but, most importantly, a solid foundation for launching or advancing your career.

A new form of MSc

  • Innovation of the programme according to students' requirements
  • New experts in the team of lecturers
  • More elective subjects

The MSc in Business Management programme taught at our school since 2000 underwent a significant transformation in 2012. We innovated it according to the requirements of students, graduates and employers so that its structure and the offers of courses meet their specific needs as closely as possible. We have increased the group of elective subjects, which now includes modern areas required in practice, such as strategic procurement management, project management or business law, and we added experienced managerial and entrepreneurial experts to our team of lecturers.

Master's studies for effective management

  • Master’s programme specialising in management
  • Practical foundation for assuming executive positions
  • Employment in modern attractive branches

The course is particularly suitable for graduates of bachelor’s programmes specialising in economics and management at Czech and foreign universities, who wish to acquire a complete university education. However, as well as a British diploma, this course will also provide you with a complex set of truly usable knowledge and skills, which you can apply in middle and higher managerial positions in many modern branches – strategic management, marketing, management of company information, manufacturing, finance, human resources, banking and many other branches.

Study tasks on what interests you

  • Teaching based on real practical examples
  • Written tasks on your chosen topics
  • Consultations with experienced lecturers and managers

A distinct characteristic of this programme is its practical character, which is reflected in all the taught modules. During the studies, you will resolve real cases, which you may encounter in your own experience or problems and issues you could deal with in the future. You will create your own study tasks and decide on the topics of your assignments and final dissertation within the boundaries of the stipulated rules. You will also be given the opportunity to carry out real tasks from your company’s or employer’s environment during the course. During the course of your studies, you can consult with experienced lecturers with many years of experience in management and also with other students during team projects.

Validation by Staffordshire University

  • An original British university programme tailored to the Czech environment
  • A university diploma awarded by Staffordshire University
  • An international degree acknowledged by foreign employers

MSc in Business Management is the original study programme of our partner, the British Staffordshire University, from whom we adopted the programme and adapted it to the specific characteristics of the Czech environment. Staffordshire University also validates the programme and guarantees the quality of the provided education. Our graduates acquire a British university diploma awarded by Staffordshire University along with the right to use the academic MSc title. This is a proof of education corresponding to Western European standards and gives our graduates a significant advantage when seeking employment with foreign companies in the Czech Republic, and also in EU states or elsewhere abroad.

An international degree acknowledged by Czech law

  • Acknowledgement of the MSc degree as the equivalent to Czech master’s studies
  • Graduates acquire the advantage of both Czech and British master’s degree
  • A competitive advantage against graduates of Czech universities

The MSc programme is also suitable for applicants who wish to acquire a Czech university master’s degree (e.g. state administration employees, etc.). The MSc degree can be recognised according to Czech law and be acknowledged as a fully-fledged equivalent to a selected master’s programme (e.g. Mgr.) at Czech public universities. Graduates will enjoy the benefits of a Czech master’s education but, on the contraty to graduates of Czech universities, they can also enjoy the prestige of a British university programme studied in English and the internationally acknowledge MSc title, which is well-known by employers from abroad.

Finances under control

  • Payment of tuition fees at the beginning of each school year
  • The option of an individual instalment calendar
  • The price of the programme includes full-services

Tuition fees will be your only expense. There are no additional fees for applications, substitute examination dates or consultations. The basic literature for each module and all student services are included in the tuition fees. With the option of dividing the annual tuition fees into 10 instalments, you can plan payments according to your abilities. A split of the annual payment into two instalments is free, and students only pay a small administrative fee if the annual tuition is divided into more instalments.

Further information

For further information please contact our study programmes specialist  

Ing. Marek Šmerda BA

E-mail: smerda@bibs.cz

Phone: 777 486 888

The partner university reserves the privilege to make additional changes of terms and conditions.