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MBA Senior Executive in Strategic Management – Basic information

  • Are you ready to face a challenge?
  • Do you really know how to lead and compete?
  • Do you want to be the one who can make a difference?

Strategic management is a way how to reach the very top of your performance, faster and easier than you ever hoped for. Whether you are a manager in a multinational company, an executive in a state company or a non-profit organization, or if you run your own business, you always need to know the following – what is your goal and what is the way to achieve it. Strategic management system will enable as efficient proceeding as possible, organizing the work as a whole and systematically directing towards the predetermined goals.

MBA Senior Executive study programme is an exclusive product of European quality built in cooperation with Brno International Business School and Staffordshire University. We significantly differentiate from competing providers by a unique specialization in strategic management and a sixteen-year tradition of the programme.  BIBS will teach you how to strategically manage a company and to plan in the long term perspective – so that each of your future steps corresponds with a clear vision of your successful future.

To master the strategic management means:

  • To analyze specific needs of the company and customize the management in accordance with these;
  • To plan the company’s future in the long term perspective;
  • To be prepared for a wide range of issues and situations, not only to respond to them;
  • To ensure the competitive advantage to yourself and your company, and not to settle for stagnation;
  • To be ready for dynamic changes in your field and to use them to your advantage;
  • Not to be afraid of creative and innovative solutions that will enable you to surpass the competition

Make the next step to the top

Working in the top management is full of constant challenges and only those who meet those halfway can reach the crest of success. To master the strategic management is one of those challenges which will move you one step closer to the elite, and at the same time, these will give you a strong weapon to overcome other obstacles, discover new options and push personal and professional limits.

MBA studies as a project to incorporate strategic management into your company

Studying the programme of MBA Senior Executive is not just a way to acquire an international degree, but a complex project thanks to which the strategic management has become a fixed part of your company’s daily basis. You will be able to immediately use each new knowledge and skill gained during your studies in your professional practice. We will lead you through each specific phase of the preparation up to the final implementation of a successful corporate strategy.

Bring your business to school

Already during your studies you will deal with actual situations of your own work practice – the time spent “at school” will be effectively used to solve your job duties. You will be able to discuss real questions regarding the company's strategic management with a team of qualified teachers as well as with your "classmates" – executives from the spectrum of areas who will provide valuable feedback and new inspirational perspective.

The school which will satisfy your preferences

Teaching in the form of weekend lectures, independent studies and managed consultations ideally meet the needs of managers for whom time is the most expensive commodity. Using a modern method of the guided learning, which combines the advantages of a full-time and distance form of studies, enables students to practically utilize the knowledge gained during the lessons immediately. Even if studying a distance form of studies, you will be in constant interactive contact with the lecturer who will be your supervisor while working on assignments.

Partners on the way of your studies

We will lead you step by step through the entire study and complete process of implementing the strategic management system in your company during two and a half years. However, you will benefit from this step forever. We will provide you with maximum study support and we would never leave you helpless while solving problems. Even after you successfully complete your studies, we will remain your partner to whom you can always turn to.

Staffordshire University

The guarantor of the quality of the MBA education provided by BIBS is the British Staffordshire University which validates our programmes. The MBA programme is based on the Staffordshire University model and is a subject to the standards of the British Higher Education Act. Similarly the higher education diplomas are granted directly by our British partner and therefore, students can be sure that they obtain real internationally acclaimed degrees – exactly the same as every other successful graduate of Staffordshire University.

Detailed information about the programme

Název:MBA Senior Executive
Field of study: Strategic management
Validation:Staffordshire University – Faculty of Business, Education and Law, United Kingdom, CAMBAS national association
Awarded degree: MBA (Master of Business Administration) - British university degree awarded by Staffordshire University
Admission conditions: 
  • Completed university education of at least Bachelor's degree and experience in a management position for at least 3 years
  • Secondary education with a school-leaving exam and proven experience in a corresponding management position for at least 8 years
  • Knowledge of English language - B2 level (international TOEFL ITP test with an achieved score of 560-639 points)
Teaching language: English
Length of studies:   2 and a half years with the possibility of individual extension
Location of teaching: Brno
Organization of teaching:Combined form of study with 6-8 lecturing weekends per yea

The partner university reserves the privilege to make additional changes of terms and conditions.